What We Do

We renovate your space, exclusively yours.  This means we are dedicated to make a space for you and your family that functions well with how you live.  

We take pride in renovating your home, and ensure that your home is built safely and comfortably for all your family needs.

Common wisdom says when building a house you ought to consider yourself lucky to get 90% of what you want. When Ronald Baker finished the gut renovation of our Harlem brownstone, we felt we’d gotten 190%.
— Janet Forman and Tom Houghton

We believe there should be an intimate relationship between architectural designs and the  lifestyle of our clients. 
Every aspect of our  design and work is focused on enhancing functionality, sustainability and the visual aesthetic.

We draw from a pool of highly skilled craftspeople. We nurture these relationships.
They bring responsibility and  ownership to every project to ensure the highest quality and value.

We believe that every consumer is responsible for the state of our world.
The choices we make personally impact the larger community. Our commitment to a healthier environment starts with the materials. Whenever possible we use materials that have minimal impact on the environment, that are recyclable, and have low or no VOC. We pursue every opportunity to create spaces that are clean and healthy for work and play.